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WordPress 5 Coming. Time To Gutenberg

Is this for real?

To be honest we cannot say it is true or not. The WordPress.org already announce the date of release for WordPress 5. November 17. But then they changed the plan again and the date is November 27th right at the moment. The version seems has some bugs but it seems WordPress trying to do their best like always. Are you ready for Gutenberg?
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We are back!

As some of you may know we were converting sites till 2007 but after 2013 we decided to work with some other companies. At that time we didn’t have time to do converting projects but we never stop working. After we have chosen one of the best company at converting PSD to Joomla we started to convert design so WordPress and all these past years we never stop working on WordPress. Now we are back to work at our site again. Continue reading “We are back!”