We are back!

As some of you may know we were converting sites till 2007 but after 2013 we decided to work with some other companies. At that time we didn’t have time to do converting projects but we never stop working. After we have chosen one of the best company at converting PSD to Joomla we started to convert design so WordPress and all these past years we never stop working on WordPress. Now we are back to work at our site again.

This time we are aiming for 3 things.

One of is our blog. We already know how to convert PSD files to HTML files and we are sure can show you lots of tricks. Also, codding native WordPress templates is really starting to get popular these days and we have a huge library about it. But still, every new design is a new story. We have over 500+ ready to use codes for loops but still, we need to code new ones and some of them are really cool. As not only converter coders we are doing 0 to 100 sites. So we have too much to share with you and we hope you are going to find them interesting.

The second thing we want to do is your design to be a template again. It can be an HTML template, a WordPress template etc. But there are already lots of company doing this so we have some plans about that. We are going to make some different things at our service and we hope you are going to like it when we announce it 🙂

And the third thing we want to do is what we already do. Create sites for your ideas. To do this we are opening a section at our site and we are going to explain every detail we need and how it is working. Converting over 1000+ designs to sites gives us a lot of experience about how a site needs to work perfectly. So why not? Let us do your site too 🙂

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