WordPress 5 Coming. Time To Gutenberg

Is this for real?

To be honest we cannot say it is true or not. The WordPress.org already announce the date of release for WordPress 5. November 17. But then they changed the plan again and the date is November 27th right at the moment. The version seems has some bugs but it seems WordPress trying to do their best like always. Are you ready for Gutenberg?


Gutenberg Is Coming

Yes, the Gutenberg. Almost all of the WordPress users are going to effect from this update. With this update, WordPress only use Gutenberg as text editing at the backend. That means WordPress understand the page build is as important as the template building. As you all might know there are already tons of page builders at the market. And it seems Gutenberg needs time to catch them. But still, we need to say it is working. The problem is already working page builders are not going to work with the Gutenberg. WordPress release a new plugin that works like the current editor and it seems with that plugin the current page builders are going to work. You can check the plugin from here.

Is Gutenberg Finish Old Page builders?

Right at the moment, it is very hard to say. Because Gutenberg cannot create pages like the other page builders. The easiest example is creating columns. You can create columns with Gutenberg but not like the others. For example, you want 2 columns. At Gutenberg, you can only create 2 columns that they are equal width. As you already may know you can a lot of chosen widths with the other page builders. Also, there are lots of features like background images, parallax effects etc. But we cannot say Gutenberg is not good. It is a new plugin and it is an opensource plugin developed by WordPress. In my opinion, this plugin is going to be better than others at the near feature.

Why Gutenberg Has Too Many Bad Reviews?

For sure lots of developer has their own reasons to want some new features and not want them. Maybe they don’t want to change their habits about designing sites and also Gutenberg coming with its own CSS and scripts. In my opinion, this is not a bad thing. I am sure Gutenberg will be better and the near feature and also I think we can customize Gutenberg classes, add some new classes and customize it. We plan to create some CSS plugins to improve Gutenberg features at the near feature.

What to do? Update or wait for some time to WordPress 5?

This is a major update for WordPress. So updating it as a user not going to be wise. In my opinion, this update needs to be done by professionals.

WordPress is the best CMS at the world right at the moment. It is easy to use and reliable. We are sure this version not going to pull down its popularity. Maybe Gutenberg going to change some habits but in the very near feature, all the users and developer will like all the features.

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